For far too long, the idea of residential solar energy has been surrounded by a bunch of nebulous myths that don’t seem to go away. This could be a relic from times where solar wasn’t very practical, or simple misinformation from people who don’t know better, but either way, it’s high time these falsehoods get set straight!

At Tuyo Power, we’ve been providing solar energy to the people of San Diego and surrounding regions for years, and we have a comprehensive knowledge of all things renewable energy. In this blog post, we’ll be correcting some common misconceptions about residential solar power. If you’ve ever been fooled by these myths, you wouldn’t be the first, and you won’t be the last.


On one hand, there’s some merit in waiting for technology to reduce in price, because it always does. On the other hand, where do you stop? With any kind of technology, there’s a line between it being prohibitively expensive, and waiting so long for it to be cheaper that you’re missing out on the benefits. Solar power has reached the point where it’s a viable, beneficial expense that won’t break the bank, and while you could wait longer, there’s not a compelling reason to miss out on enjoying the benefits now.

It’s instructive to compare solar power to TVs. When any kind of new TV debuts, it’s outrageously expensive — absolutely inconceivable for the average person. We’re talking thousands of dollars for something that will lower down to hundreds within just a few years. In that instance, it makes sense to wait because it’s cutting-edge technology that will no doubt “normalize” in price as it becomes more commonplace. Meanwhile, there will inevitably reach a point of diminishing returns in price drops. Some people wait for past that point, wasting time on their old blurry CRT TV because the price could be $10 cheaper next year. At that point, is it really worth it to wait?

It’s the same with solar panels. They once were prohibitively expensive, but they are more than common enough to be affordable to the average homeowner. It’s possible they will get cheaper as time goes on, but if you’re expecting a major price drop anytime soon, you’re fooling yourself.


While we’re talking about costs, let’s also bust the myth right now that solar power is unaffordable. To some people? Yes, but like all expenses, everything is relative to a person’s specific situation. It suffices to say that for the average homeowner in greater San Diego, solar power is an expense that’s within grasp.

Solar power is more affordable than it’s ever been. On top of that, there are sometimes federal or state-mandated incentives that can help you cover the cost. If that wasn’t enough, Tuyo Power offers financing programs that will allow you to install a solar system in a way that’s friendly to your budget. It’s more important now than ever to be green, so you can bet we’ll be happy to workout a payback arrangement that’s friendly to your life circumstances.

The worst thing you can do is not even try. It might be possible that solar power just isn’t an expense that you’re able to cover at this point in your life, but you’ll never know if you don’t even look into it. If you have questions about the cost of solar energy for your San Diego home, please contact us for a free estimate.

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We have no idea where this came from, because the opposite couldn’t be more true. Solar ownership can actually raise your home value, and sometimes by a pretty good margin. You could get anywhere between $10k – $20k more out of your home with a good solar system. As a society, we’re becoming more and more aware of the need to pursue renewable energy, so you can bet that a preinstalled solar system is going to be a huge draw to many buyers. One less thing they have to do!

It’s impossible to provide a blanket statement on how much solar power would increase your home value, because it’s so dependent on a variety of different factors. But, if nothing else, you can depend on the fact that it won’t make your home less valuable, and that’s a comforting thought.


Yes, solar power is powered by the sun — it’s implicit in the name. But no, that doesn’t mean you have to have a perfectly sunny blue sky one hundred percent of the time. Today’s solar tech is better than it’s ever been, and even a small amount of sunlight is enough to power a normal-sized home. There could be fluctuations in the weather where you’re not getting the optimal amount of sunlight, but modern solar panels are designed to accommodate these unpredictable weather changes, and we can assure you that this is nothing to worry about.

And let’s face it — this is especially true living in San Diego. California is one of the sunniest states in the union; even in the wintertime, we’ve got blue skies almost every day. It’s understandable that this would be a concern to people in certain other states, but in California, there’s really no reason to be concerned about your panels not getting enough sun.


This is a strange one that we sometimes hear. While it’s not the most common misconception out there, there are still many who hold this belief, so it’s time to put it to rest.

In short, solar panels are far more likely to extend the life of your roof rather than reduce it. It’s not rocket science as to why this is — the panels literally sit on top of the roof, covering them from the elements. This means that rain, hail, and other roof-killers will be hitting a protective shield, and that, by all means, is a good thing.

If you’re concerned about the installation wreaking havoc on your roof, don’t be. Solar panel equipment is designed to be as unintrusive as possible, and when you have an experienced team such as Tuyo Power handling the installation, you can rest assured that it will be smooth sailing.

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We confess that ugliness is purely subjective so we have no right calling this a straight myth, but we will call out the part about curb appeal — solar power is becoming so commonplace that most people simply don’t care. Appearance is the last thing you should be worrying about.

For one, you have a great deal of flexibility on how your panels look these days. You can choose the color of the frame, and if appearance is a huge concern, we can work with you to install them in such a way that’s visually appealing. Solar energy products are being designed more and more to be easy on the eyes, and they’re not nearly as bulky or blocky as they used to be.

Furthermore, the world is becoming ever more enlightened about the benefits of renewable energy. While many potential buyers might not think that solar panels look good, they’re likely to respect them because it aligns with their personal belief system.


We have a greater responsibility now than we ever have to protect the planet and pursue renewable energy sources. Solar power is a safe, affordable, and effective way for the average person to take action, and it can be a money-saver in the long haul. Are you looking to make the transition to solar power? There’s no better company to call than Tuyo Power. If you live in San Diego or any of the surrounding regions, we will provide unparalleled service while being conscious of your specific needs.

There is a lot to learn about solar power, and we aren’t afraid to help educate people about the costs and benefits. Do you want to inquire about how solar panels could improve your energy costs? Are you unsure if your home is a good fit? Do you need help with installation? For answers to all of the above and more, Tuyo Power is one phone call away. Contact us today to get started!