It’s general knowledge that solar power decreases power bills and helps the environment, but the expense and hassle of installing solar panel systems can be a significant hurdle. At Tuyo™ Power, we’re on a mission to make solar panel installation a breeze. With us, it’s easy to integrate solar into your home or business. We have the depth to handle renewable energy projects of all sizes, so whether you want to make solar your main power source or you want more of a hybrid system, we’re your answer.

You should choose us because integrating solar power into your Southern California home can actually make it more valuable with purchased systems, but not on leases or PPA accounts. If you’re a business owner, solar power can save you money while giving you a unique angle on PR. In our environmentally conscious community, caring about the wellbeing of the planet is one of the smartest strategies there is — whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. We can help you make your property something really special with customizable renewable energy.

With Tuyo Power on your side, you can transform your property into the efficient, money-saving masterpiece it was always meant to be. Thanks to our 25-year warranty, you’ll enjoy lasting peace of mind. We offer more than just solar panels for sale, we offer the whole experience. Learn more about why our 15 years of experience make us the go-to solar experts in the area.